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Code of Conduct for suppliers of companies of the MEIKO Group (MEIKO)

1. This Code of Conduct applies to all suppliers of companies of the MEIKO Group. Compliance with this Code of Conduct is a requirement and prerequisite for the business relationship with MEIKO. The Code of Conduct is part of our terms and conditions of purchase, which are legally binding for all MEIKO orders.

2. Our Code of Conduct applies. MEIKO's commitment to ethical behaviour, sustainability and corporate responsibility encompasses environmental, economic and social aspects. Our actions are guided by the principles of the UN Global Compact. We expect our suppliers to adhere to the standards of corporate responsibility and require the following of all suppliers and the supply chain:

  • Compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance
  • Adherence to all applicable national and international trade laws and regulations, including antitrust and trade control regulations.
  • Support of the commitment to sustainability by complying with the applicable laws and international environmental, social and corporate governance standards within your company and supply chain.
  • Prohibition of any form of bribery, corruption, embezzlement or extortion.
  • Promoting and ensuring fairness in competition.
  • That no conflicts of interest arise within their company in business transactions with MEIKO. The monetary value of gifts, meals or entertainment must be reasonable and in accordance with company policy.
  • Introduction and continuous improvement of a suitable management system, including legally compliant data management and quality management.
  • Protection of internationally recognised human rights.
  • Rejection of and renunciation of forced labour (including all forms of slavery and slavery-like practices, human trafficking and other forms of unlawful exercise of power or oppression) and child labour.
  • Ensuring that responsible sourcing standards are met in the procurement of minerals, particularly with regard to conflict minerals.
  • Treatment of employees with respect and providing a working environment in which harassment, abuse, harsh or inhumane treatment, unlawful practices and discrimination have no place.
  • Observance of the prohibition of unequal treatment of employees, e.g. due to disabilities, health status, national and ethnic origin, religion or world view.
  • Compliance with the prohibition on using or commissioning unethical and unlawful security service providers
  • Observance of the prohibition on causing environmental change and the prohibition on excessive water consumption where this may have an adverse impact on human rights.
  • Respecting and enforcing freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Compliance with the minimum wages and working hours stipulated by applicable law and remuneration in accordance with local standards and condemnation of any discrimination in remuneration.
  • Respecting the privacy of all employees and business partners and protecting confidential information, data and intellectual property from misuse.
  • Protecting the health of employees and the local population as well as the health of the general public.
  • Compliance with applicable health and safety laws.
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and minimisation of emissions and waste.
  • Efficient utilisation of resources and use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Ensuring the safe, environmentally sound development, procurement, manufacture, transport, distribution, use and disposal of products with the aim of protecting and preserving the environment.
  • Protection of biodiversity and ensuring that renewable raw materials do not compete with food.
  • Recognition of land rights of individuals and local communities.

3. To ensure that our supply chain actually fulfils these important requirements, MEIKO can conduct audits, e.g. by means of questionnaires or on-site audits carried out either by MEIKO employees or by independent audit service providers. By supplying services, parts, materials, supplies or other materials to a MEIKO Group company, the supplier agrees to participate in and support all appropriate evaluation activities, including providing all documentation and certifications requested by MEIKO to demonstrate compliance with the above.

4. In addition, we have a whistleblower system(BKMS) that enables information on relevant compliance issues to be submitted worldwide, including anonymously. We encourage both our own employees and our suppliers to use this system to report any relevant concerns.

Among other things, the principles set out represent the human rights and environmental expectations and requirements for all suppliers with whom we maintain business relationships. The fulfilment of these requirements is mandatory. The requirements apply to the entire supply chain, meaning our suppliers must also oblige their upstream partners accordingly.