The clean solution

Handmade by MEIKO

Our origins are in machine building and design – that is what we do. We pour our hearts into turning our clean ideas into the best possible versions of themselves and translating that into a machine which exceeds expectations. We need that level of ambition.

To the production line!

Stainless steel is our preferred material. We use it to build our modern warewashing, cleaning, disinfection and waste treatment technologies, which are subject to make the world a cleaner place. It is the most efficient, economic and resource-efficient material possible.

Come with us to our neat, well-lit production floors. Well, really they are workshops. You see, at MEIKO, many tasks are still carried out by hand. We are closer to the boutique end of the scale than we are to robots and automation. We even have over 70 trainees every year. That shows you where our focus lies: on people and personally passing on the experience we have gained. The critical eye and instinct of the master is what makes MEIKO.