The clean solution

Made by MEIKO

MEIKO means innovative mechanical engineering and design. We pour our hearts into turning our clean ideas into the best possible versions of themselves and translating that into a dishwashing machine which exceeds expectations.

That is what the ‘M’ means on all MEIKO machines. It is the mark of our promise of quality, setting standards worldwide. The ‘M’ means ‘made by MEIKO’ but it is also how you ‘measure’ us. As a company, we are active in over 50 countries around the world and have production facilities in Germany, the USA and the far east. We set our own standards, so the ‘M’ also stands for the ‘masterpiece’ on which all our customers around the world rely.


The purity of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is our preferred raw material. We use it to build our modern warewashing, cleaning, disinfection and waste treatment technologies, which are subject to make the world a cleaner place. It is the most efficient, economic and resource-efficient material possible.
Each individual machine is assembled at our facility and put through its paces by our quality control team. But it is really a bit more boutique than a ‘facility.’ You see, at MEIKO, many tasks are still carried out by hand. We also have 70 trainees every year. That shows you where our focus lies: on people and personally passing on the experience we have gained. Our modern production techniques and the critical eye and instinct of the master – it all comes together to make MEIKO.