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MEIKO celebrates 95 years

95 years of shaping the future - How did you do that?

Innovation, growth, development. That’s MEIKO. Behind these successes are people: our employees.

Read stories here that reflect the MEIKO spirit.

Thank you to all MEIKOians who so successfully continue the history of our company every day.

I want us to grasp the idea that we need to pull the big lever.

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Dr Thomas Peukert, CEO MEIKO Group

For me, MEIKO ranks second, right next to my family

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Annie Chen, Director Marketing MEIKO China

There are hardly any ideas that are not faced with resistance.

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Dr Allen Jakway, Engineer MEIKO Research & Development

I have never regretted my decision to work for MEIKO.

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Heinrich Zerrer, MEIKO Works Council Chair

As a team leader, I have the opportunity to shape how we work together.

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Kerstin Boos, MEIKO team leader Production Doors and Covers Area / KD

I will always be a MEIKOian.

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Mark Roberts, Marketing Manager MEIKO UK

Let's hold true to MEIKO's values and find the right people to do that with us.

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Tobias Stoll, Head of Maintenance at MEIKO

MEIKO holds an important place in my life

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Eric Waldhecker, Head of Warewashing Technology at the MEIKO Deutschland GmbH Academy.

I am part of the corporate development at MEIKO France. That motivates me.

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Audrey Vergely, Communication & Marketing, MEIKO France