The clean solution

Social responsibility

Only if society agrees on its values, lives in harmony and moves towards common goals will we have a clean and successful future, leaving our blue planet in a healthy state, fit for future generations to live on. That is why we invest in education and social initiatives: that is how we express social responsibility as a company.

Growing a future

We want to give nature back its space to flourish – so MEIKO was committed to plant new woodland in our area. Vulnerable ash trees are now being replaced by more than 1,250 oaks.

We are part of ‘Der Schwarzwald sprudelt’ (the Black Forest is bubbling) – an initiative where we foster ideas from people dedicated to preserving nature or promoting sustainability. One example is the Repair Café at our Offenburg site. Why are we so quick to throw things away?

We are especially passionate about our area and the concept of the ‘source’ especially. After all, MEIKO is the source of cleanliness and sustainability.