The clean solution

Our ideas are all ‘clean’

A dishwashing machine or food waste feeding station is made of stainless steel, bolts, pipes, hoses and electrical components. That's it. Or so you would think... But a MEIKO machine contains much more: it contains good ideas. Ideas for resource efficiency, better ergonomics and simpler maintenance – and it all makes a huge difference.

Meet the inventors and the tinkerers

A spirit of innovation and the desire to develop something new: that is something we are all born with. MEIKO has its roots in Offenburg, on the edges of the Black Forest. The area is a unique natural environment and world famous for its tourism. But it is also home to many inventors and tinkerers. It is home to finely tuned mechanics, precision technology and the art of engineering. This is where ideas flow. And MEIKO is at the heart of it. We offer heat recovery systems, efficient water consumption, smart choices of materials and pioneering solutions like the GiO MODULE so that dishes can dry with no residues on them. MEIKO ideas are at the cutting edge and the company has won several prizes and awards to prove it. In fact, as you are reading this, we are working on a new clean solution in the MEIKO lab: ‘the next generation’ of clean – made by MEIKO.