The clean solution

We have big plans – are you on board?

We have exciting tasks and demanding challenges ahead: how can we be both environmentally friendly and business friendly? How do we ensure that people and planet can cope with growth? We don't have all of the answers sitting around in a drawer! But I am confident that, together, we will develop great ideas that everyone will benefit from. That's the MEIKO way.
CEO Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peukert

MEIKO is where the ideas flow

The digital revolution, value orientation, resource efficiency, flexibility – these are just a few of the topics that intensively occupy our thoughts. We see the challenge and we want to develop ideas for solutions. In other words: we are completely in our element and have a promising vision of the future. And we are not wasting any time moving forward.

To do that, we need more people. Whether you are an engineer, an IT technician, mechatronics fitter, welder, designer or sales expert – whatever field you trained in or studied, MEIKO has a space for bright minds ready to roll their sleeves up.

We are the company where ideas flow – and where conventions and hierarchies dissolve.

We share responsibility and success with everyone – that is what unites us and makes us successful. The figures speak for themselves: our growth is disproportionate to our size! We are expanding in our capacity and scope. Of course, we are already tinkering on the smart warewashing technology of tomorrow and the production techniques we will need for it – think AI and robotics. Not to mention that we are working with new work methods to create workspaces of the future here at MEIKO. Welcome to the MEIKO team!