The clean solution

Human rights and the environment

MEIKO has made a commitment to protect human rights and the environment. There is a reporting system in place for reporting any violations of these policies.

MEIKO firmly believes that integrity and ethically irreproachable behaviour are foundational pillars for a sustainably successful company. This is why we have committed to respecting and assuring human rights as defined in the internationally recognised principles of human rights and the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This is expressed in our Code of Conduct for Suppliers on the Respect and Assurance of Human Rights and the Environment.

Reporting system: People and planet

We have set up a reporting system to help us live up to our aspirations. Employees, business associates like suppliers, and even third parties can use this online form to confidentially report potential contraventions of human rights and environmental concerns. Anyone using the system has the option to submit their report anonymously.

An independent complaints team will carefully process all reports and take relevant action. Our reporting system ensures protection for the reporter and anyone affected, who may contribute to the investigation of a potential violation. Information provided will be processed in the context of a confidential and fair process.