The clean solution

Purpose is in our nature.

Business with a purpose is our philosophy. Of course, we want to be successful and provide products and services loved by our customers all over the world. But MEIKO has a further factor to consider: we are not tied to profit at all costs. People and jobs are our top priority.

We are owned by a foundation which was launched by Oskar and Rosel Meier, one of the founding families at MEIKO. The guidelines they wrote are now the basis for how we act: that is why we reinvest 85 % of profits ‘for the wellbeing of people and the company.’ MEIKO may not be sold, either in part or in whole. MEIKO must remain active and secure jobs in the long term. A value oriented company culture based on responsibility and long-term success: that is more contemporary and more innovative than ever. Yet for us, it is just the MEIKO way. It always has been.

Future planning and values

As early as the 1960s, Oskar Meier and his wife Rosel started thinking about the future of the company. They wanted to ensure MEIKO was free of personal interest, potential inheritance disputes and anonymous investors. They therefore came up with the idea of the Foundation. They believed that their ‘MEIKO factory was not only a business institution but a social one.’ Protecting jobs, the factory and healthy business development became the immovable pillars of MEIKO's business philosophy. In a world ever more defined by constant change, it is good to know that some things stay the same. Really good.