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Welcome to the source of cleanliness

Josephine Cochrane started the ball rolling when she invented the dishwashing machine in 1886 and today, that has become digitally connected, cutting-edge technology. Land, sea and air. All available for you to experience interactively in our multimedia environment. Warewashing, cleaning, disinfection, electricity generation from food waste: in the heart of the Black Forest, the source of cleanliness is bubbling with ideas – come on in!

Experience the world of warewashing technology

Whether it is the glasswasher in your favourite restaurant or the powerful warewashing systems in the world's largest airport – we are surrounded by warewashing technology and it makes space for us to enjoy our experiences, trust them and stay healthy. Visit the world of this optimised technology and catch our enthusiasm. This is no lecture – it is a tangible experience.

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Cleaning and disinfection

How do firefighters protect themselves from contaminated respiratory protective equipment? Why is the hygiene of care utensils in hospitals so important? And are you familiar with the A0 value? Really, it's all about cleaning and disinfection – processes that protect and save lives. Find out more about how all of this works at the MEIKO Experience Center.

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Food waste

Others might see banana peel, fish bones and fruit stones but we see pure energy. We generate electricity from the leftovers and kitchen waste that are produced every day anyway – what an excellent idea! Experience the GREEN LOOP – future-focused solutions at the push of a button. What once was kitchen waste, soon shall be electricity. The future will thank you!

Personal protective equipment

30 percent. For many cancer types, this is the increased risk faced by firefighters in comparison to the general population. Our homes contain more toxic plastics than ever before and these are released in fires. So if you're out saving lives, you should do it safely! That requires zero risk in cleaning respiratory protective equipment. That wish was our command! Come and see what MEIKO is doing about this problem in conjunction with fire services.


‘More is better’ is not always the way – especially not with cleaning agents. Hygiene, shine, operating costs – everything rises or falls on proper use and dosing. Professionals know that cleaning and hygiene products are a business in their own right. Our Experience Center will show you why. A quick tip to start: drying by hand is not the answer! Nor is it hygienic.

The past and future of hygiene

Ignaz Semmelweis is one of our heroes. Yet, when he called for hygiene in the 19th century, people thought he was crazy. Hygiene? Overrated! In an age of global pandemics, global supply chains and international travel, we know better. Much has changed since then. Thankfully! This is the way that MEIKO has been committed to from the very start. Now we invite you to join us. Thank you, Ignaz!

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Our guides look forward to welcome you!

Stories do not tell themselves – we need enthusiasm, skill and a touch of charm. And we'll need the MEIKO memory box, too, which contains some surprises! Join our guides on a journey deep into the heart of hygiene in German, English or French. Stefanie Sharma will lead you through a unique experience.