The clean solution

Sparkling clean glasses and cutlery. Shining plates and cups.
Food waste transformed into clean bioenergy.
Hygienically clean bedpans and BA masks.
Minimum water and energy consumption. Maximum enthusiasm.
That's the MEIKO experience.

We fulfil the key human need for cleanliness and hygiene. Our high-end technology works with the power of ideas and the purity of water to deliver impeccable washing and cleaning results. Helping to create a cleaner world.

MEIKO Service is there for you

Our expert and dependable MEIKO Service Team is there for you. No rush hour, inclement weather, short deadline or height will stop them from getting your machine back up and running. MEIKO service technicians specialise in making the impossible possible all over the world, whether via our service hotline or on site with you.

Best of Market 2018 Number 1

Sustainability and Technology

The editoral teams of the first class, GVmanager, 24 Stunden Gastlichkeit und Schulverpflegung specialist magazines award these renowned prizes in 23 categories in the Food & Beverage and Technology & Equipment segments.

Welcome to a cleaner world

Our clean solutions are made by 2,500 MEIKO employees in 30 countries – working together with our specialist distribution partners. Our mission is to ‘make the world a cleaner place.’ We do that with our passion for technology and quality. We offer professional solutions for warewashing, cleaning, disinfection and food waste treatment – all made by MEIKO.

MEIKO global

MEIKO global
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