The clean solution

Our approach to sustainability? We lead the way.

A dash of clever, a sprinkle of quality and a good helping of responsibility: this is our recipe for improved sustainability and more environmentally friendly business. We keep developing machines which have a long durability and use even less energy and water all the time. We are also increasing the levels of recyclable stainless steel we use and decreasing the quantity of plastic.

Our buildings and production facilities are fitted to be climate neutral and we are proactive in transport, too, encouraging our employees to cycle to work. We provide e-bikes for MEIKO employees and use bus tickets to help them get around without a car. We also invest in education and expertise – the raw materials we can use to generate a sustainable future.

Our sustainability strategy lays out our goals, defining them in terms of clear milestones and implementing them as part of our business strategy. Our annual sustainability report provides information about the initiatives we are launching and how successfully our projects are running. We believe that transparency is a vital part of working towards more sustainability.

Sustainability is the key to everything

Let's start by looking at our MEIKO dishwashing machines, cleaning and disinfection appliances, and food waste treatment systems: as a manufacturer of premium products, we particularly value quality and durability. That is why you will find more and more recyclable stainless steel in MEIKO products and less plastic. We design the technology in our machines so that they use a minimum of water, electricity and cleaning agents to make sure we are making optimum use of resources.

Our machines are designed to last for many years and our MEIKO professional service team ensures that our customers get the absolute most out of our technology. Sustainable warewashing, cleaning, disinfection and treatment: this is our contribution for a sustainable future we all want to live in.