The clean solution

MEIKO 2025

Our sustainability strategy

What we're planning

We have brought together all of the environmental and sustainability measures that the MEIKO Group has had for several years. These are now consolidated into one joint strategy paper with real focus: our sustainability strategy.

The strategy has three pillars:
products, production and participation.

In terms of products, we intend to create the most durable and sustainable MEIKO dishwashing solution – by 2025. For this, we place our faith in the inventiveness of our engineering teams who push us forward on the course we have set – towards even cleaner solutions and even more efficient and sustainable warewashing and cleaning.

In our production department, we want to take significant steps towards climate neutrality and save many tons of CO2. We are currently in the process of making large investments into the existing infrastructure to reduce our carbon footprint. This means consistent use of renewable energy. It also means instigating the right purchasing policy with transparent supply chains designed for sustainability.

Participation is how we refer to all of the initiatives we use to motivate our employees to act sustainably in the workplace: from recycling in the office to choosing a vegetarian menu option in the MEIKO canteen. We also encourage environmentally friendly transport options for commuting.

For us at MEIKO, participation also means lending our weight to worthwhile initiatives.

For example, we have been an active member of the association ‘United against waste’ since 2017. This is part of how we combat food waste. In Germany alone, it is estimated that almost twelve million tons of food waste are created each year. This is not only an ethical problem, it is an absolute no-go in terms of environmental and energy impact.