The clean solution

Hygienically safe technology

Every time a guest raises a glass to take a drink, every time a carer uses care utensils, every time a firefighter puts on a BA mask, one thing has to be certain:

as well as being clean, these objects have to be totally hygienic so that they can be used again without hesitation.


Be on the safe side with MEIKO technology

The effectiveness of our technology against certain pathogens has been confirmed by experts including hygienists and virologists. Click here for a complete list of hygiene expert opinions and to read them. 

Warewashing technology

Cleaning and disinfection technology for bedpans

    Cleaning and disinfection technology for BA masks

    Germ reduction is generally specified in log units.

    In the case of enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2, our MEIKO machines are able to achieve a reduction rate of 5 log units. This means that of 100,000 germs, 1 germ will remain after cleaning.

    The number of microorganisms is reduced to a level at which the washware reprocessed in MEIKO appliances will no longer be harmful to health.

    Sterilisation, on the other hand, is designed to totally eliminate germs.