The clean solution

A holistic view

Take a different perspective and you will see the benefit. That is why we view the dishwashing area as an integrated system. Suddenly, it is not all about the dishwashing machine. It is about optimum indoor climate, the ergonomics of machine operation and how the work processes are planned overall.

Your workplace can be your favourite place

MEIKO thinks much further than just making the machines. We analyse the human-machine interface – and that is why we have developed the blue operating concept. Made by MEIKO. And GreenEye technology for M-iQ flight type dishwashing machines.
We view the dishwashing area as one integrated, interdependent system and pinpoint problem areas such as indoor climate and ergonomics. Our innovative heat recovery system and revolutionary automatic hood system on the M-iClean H will transform your workplace into one of your favourite places. Technology and quality by MEIKO can therefore make a significant contribution to improving working conditions, reducing your number of sick days, increasing motivation and making recruitment easier. Our workplace studies show us more about how these interactions work so we can pass on this information to distributors and customers.