The clean solution

MEIKO quality technology

The MEIKO classic is a dishwashing machine which churns out clean dishes and dry, sparkling glasses.
But MEIKO can do much more than that. We have a comprehensive range of solutions for cleanliness and hygiene, from every angle.
Water Splash MEIKO

The full package

From our space-saving undercounter machines to our XXL format high-performance models – MEIKO knows the challenges of the food service industry. From the bistro to the star-rated restaurant. And we still have more to offer: our TopLine bedpan washer-disinfectors are setting new standards in cleaning and disinfection. MEIKO also provides tailored solutions to professionally clean the kinds of carts and trolleys used at airports. Tried and tested at destinations around the world.

In logistics, MEIKO conveyor systems ensure dishes are seamlessly cleared away in all directions: horizontal, vertical – phenomenal. And we are always thinking outside of the box, MEIKO has also developed a clean and professional solution for food waste disposal: the BioMaster and WasteStarCC by MEIKO GREEN. Hygienic technology using either a pump or a vacuum system.

So many products and solutions – how do I know which is right for my specific circumstances?
MEIKO eRgOnomIcs has the answer. Our creative designers are behind this system. They specialise in combining economy and ergonomics in the best possible way. Helping you to the perfect kitchen plan – from every angle.