The clean solution

Tinker, develop, make

Let us take a peek into our sacred space: our development lab. This is the heart of MEIKO.
This is where we experiment with new materials and try out new techniques and approaches – ready for the next generation of machines made by MEIKO.

Ideas are not a finite resource at MEIKO!

Here in the MEIKO development lab, new ideas are brought to life, or rather: to the kitchen. This is where prototypes are put through their paces. Not only once but perhaps 1.2 million times already. That is what happened in the development of the automatic hood system for the new M-iClean H.
We learn: a machine has to be something special to earn that coveted ‘M’ on the rating plate. Made by MEIKO.

Or we could put it this way: we are our own greatest critics. We would like it to be better, more perfect, run more smoothly. That is why we will never run out of work at MEIKO!