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Leave no trace

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MEIKO technology always produces smear-free, sparkling results – with no need for manual polishing!

MEIKO’s GiO MODULE technology provides all the benefits of reverse osmosis to enhance the rinse process. The purest demineralised rinse water ensures brilliant results. The module does not require any regeneration time, so you get a reverse osmosis process with 100% availability while eliminating the cost and hassle of replacing and stocking cartridges.

The built-in GiO MODULE boasts a flexible, modular design, a compact footprint, practical all-round capabilities in just about any wash-up area, and low running costs. An investment in GiO MODULE technology can be recouped significantly faster than investments in complete or partial demineralisation units, and in many cases even faster than water softener systems!

The optional GiO-TECH module removes virtually all minerals from the water, including bacteria and viruses. It provides the purest water for the final rinse, a critical stage of the dishwashing cycle which ensures brilliant and hygienic results for everything from cutlery, glassware and dishware to pots and pans.

The benefits of the GiO-TECH module are immediately apparent right from the planning stage thanks to its simple, space-saving design and installation. It also scores highly in terms of customer service and maintenance thanks to its one-size-fits-all configuration for all dishwasher sizes. Customers are delighted with how quickly an investment in GiO-TECH pays for itself – and of course it produces brilliant results that create a fantastic all-round impression. Finally, GiO-TECH offers outstanding environmental and hygiene credentials by making careful use of resources and focusing on top-notch cleanliness – all very much in tune with our motto of "MEIKO – The clean solution"!