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Our Corporate Policy

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Innovative products for the global market

Our aim is to be a world-leading supplier of professional warewashing technology and cleaning and disinfection machines. Our products provide our customers all over the world with optimum cleaning results and high levels of efficiency. The highest possible levels of customer satisfaction are at the centre of our business practices. 

We drive the innovation necessary to meet more demanding requirements from our customers and the high standards we set ourselves. At the same time, we constantly ensure that we comply with all requirements set down in directives, laws and standards internationally. We believe there is a direct correlation between customer benefits and compliance.

Values-based business and partnerships

We have identified a series of values which we consider to be important – and we have made these a binding part of our business practices. This approach involves creating values-based partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees all over the world. We acknowledge and respect our partners' cultural ties, and we treat our partners with the same respect and humanist-inspired principles wherever they are. This is also how we foster our relationships with public administrations and interested parties the world over.


As a values-driven company, we believe in following the principles of Sustainability. In particular, their aim is to conserve resources, achieve energy efficiency and protect the environment.

Sustainability also influences all of our decisions aimed at consistent and long-term business success. This also dovetails with the objectives of the Oskar and Rosel Meier Foundation, which owns our company.

Occupational safety and health

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We therefore strive for the best possible standards in occupational safety and health. This goal should be a major motivating factor in our employees' behaviour patterns. All requirements and insights on the subject of occupational safety and health are systematically implemented.

Continuous improvement

We are only partially satisfied with our achievements so far. We are always working to further improve our products and our company's effectiveness and efficiency. This process start with us, the employees of MEIKO global.


Our management system reflects these aims and values, providing a framework for setting goals and achieving them, as well as regularly reviewing our effectiveness and efficiency.

We regularly have our organisation's effectiveness assessed by independent and well-renowned institutions. This has resulted in the award of the following certifications for our management system: