The clean solution

For a cleaner world.

These days, progress means moving towards a cleaner future – climate neutral, resource efficient and user friendly.
MEIKO is consistently advancing in this direction. We use sustainable production methods, focus on quality rather than quantity and we create innovative appliances to reduce energy and water consumption. Our blue planet needs better than half solutions. That is why MEIKO does not think in business quarters but in generations

A mission that unites us. Across the world.

Be active in making the world a cleaner place – that is our mission. Our well thought-out solutions for warewashing, cleaning and disinfection have made us a good name. Across the world. Our success dates back over 90 years to the edges of the Black Forest. Today, we have a presence in more than 30 countries across the world.

You will definitely have encountered a MEIKO product more than once: in restaurants or through catering services, at airports or on cruise ships, at food service chains or in bakeries. Our secret? Top quality, resource-efficient technology and shared values that create real partnerships between us and our customers and employees. Welcome to the world of clean solutions by MEIKO.

Here is an overview of our innovations.

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