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Apprenticeships at MEIKO

What kind of apprenticeships does MEIKO offer?

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Unsere Firmenkultur

That’s something you really notice at MEIKO – the fact that our values and positive qualities are so firmly embedded in our corporate culture. Because at the end of the day everyone wants to be treated fairly and to feel that sense of being in a partnership. The MEIKO wheel of values applies to all MEIKO employees in their dealings with each other and with our external partners.

Dr. Thomas Peukert, CEO

What can I expect from an apprenticeship at MEIKO?

People from a range of different professions and cultures come together at the MEIKO fountain to develop technology for a cleaner world – that’s our mission. That’s why we offer targeted training and development for our existing employees as well as taking on lots of qualified young people as apprentices every year. We believe in working together to develop clean solutions for a better, fairer world.

Hi, I'm Sarina Zängle. I'll provide you with the support you need during your apprenticeship at MEIKO. It's an exciting opportunity for me to help guide you on this major journey into an important new phase of your life. We hold lots of team-building events where you will be able to get to know all the apprentices at MEIKO to swap information and experiences. My experience in the fields of HR and training and my team of 14 instructors and training experts will quickly help you to find your feet and make your own mark at MEIKO. Welcome!

Sarina Zängle,
Business administration trainer

Electrical engineering trainer

Hi, I’m Michael Müller. I’ll be around to support and assist you during your apprenticeship here at MEIKO. I’m really looking forward to it. Make sure you take advantage of my experience as a trainer by asking me any questions you might have. I’m happy to have a chat whenever you like. That’s because at MEIKO we understand what working together really means – we see people as people, not just job descriptions. We want you to learn and feel at home. I think you’ll enjoy it here!

Michael Müller,
Electrical engineering trainer

Hi, I'm Steven Nückles. I'll be on hand to support you during your apprenticeship at MEIKO. You will benefit from my decades of experience as a coach and professional instructor. I have already successfully assisted and accompanied hundreds of young people on this major journey into an important new phase of their lives. My goal is to communicate core values, help people develop on a personal level and enjoy the process of working together.

Steven Nückles,
Metal technology trainer

Hi, I'm Bernd Kunzelmann. I'll provide you with the support you need during your apprenticeship at MEIKO. I'm passionate about product creation, design and technical drawing and I hope to transmit as much of my knowledge and enthusiasm in those areas to you as possible. As well as focusing on specialist expertise and manual skills, I also emphasise MEIKO's values and sense of teamwork. My goal is to help you feel right at home at MEIKO and to help you develop into proactive people who like and value their job and their company. Welcome!

Bernd Kunzelmann,
Engineering trainer

Hi, I'm Simon Wieland. I'm the person to contact if you're interested in an IT apprenticeship at MEIKO. The world of IT is fascinating but can also be frustrating: no other profession experiences as many changes and major upheavals as this one! Of course as IT specialists we're used to coping with change – in fact we absolutely relish it! Staying on the ball, delving into new areas and helping to shape the changes around us are some of the key characteristics of our work. And of course traditional values play an important role too, because change requires structure and properly defined rules. It's all about having the confidence to maintain a balance. If you can do that, then welcome to MEIKO!

Simon Wieland,
Computer science trainer

And what else do we offer?

  • An enjoyable, friendly atmosphere and outstanding support from the trainers, apprenticeship coordinators and youth training and development team
  • Learning outside the box: excursions to trade fairs, company tours, job-related participation in specialist exhibitions, opportunities to accompany sales staff and installation engineers on customer calls, the chance to shadow and observe other employees, external training seminars
  • Projects: participation in the Science Days project
  • All-round benefits package: good employee benefits, holiday apartment, subsidised company restaurant, corporate foundation, travel expenses and good apprenticeship pay
  • Great setting: well-equipped workplaces with modern technical equipment
  • All according to plan: training courses based on the framework curriculum issued by the chamber of industry and commerce, comprehensive support for exams, close collaboration with vocational college and chamber of commerce, examination board
  • Party time: summer festival and joint activities